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Barbershop Musikfestival 2014 in Dortmund

Double Date - World Mixed Champion 2014

Double Date-World Mixed Champion 2014

"A-cappella straight to your heart " was the motto of the German barbershop convention which took place in Dortmund March 7-9. It was the 12th German National Championship for quartets and choruses and the second World Championship for mixed barbershop quartets.

Tonikum-German Quartet Chamion 2014

The famous Konzerthaus in Dortmund, one oft he finest in Europe in terms of acoustics, hosted six concerts and contests with the best German groups and with star guests from the USA, Sweden, England, and the Netherlands .
Highly entertaining with the finest music they fascinated the mostly public audience and turned the Festival into a truly international major acappella event. Countless standing ovations given from an excited audience for perfect singing and breathtaking sounds. Last not least the afterglows in the foyer oft he Konzerthaus until the early morning hours found lots of young singers, stage or audience, to celebrate the music.

Ladies First - Chorus Champion 2014

Ladies First-Chorus Champion 2014

One oft he highlights was the Show of the Champions, boadcasted by the national radio station.
"Ladies First” (Dortmund) placed first in the German Chorus Championship, "Tonikum” (Bergisch Gladbach) won the German Quartet contest. The medalists oft he World Championship for mixed barbershop quartets, "World Mixed" were: "Double Date” from St. Louis, USA (gold), Hopplösa Faglar from Sweden (silver) and Singcerity from Dallas, USA (bronce).
For detailed information please check out www.barbershop.de. BinG!-Barbershop in Germany, hosts this Festival and championship every other year. The next Barbershop Musikfestival will be held in Munich, March 4-6, 2016.
Pictures by Eric Ideler